Sarah Finnis: 

Girlings Solicitors asked us to make a series of videos for their website so potential clients could ‘meet’ their solicitor before starting an often delicate or difficult process. The video shows that Sarah is friendly and approachable and made the first step of contacting a solicitor less of a barrier. The video has brought Girlings new clients who felt she looked like someone they could confide in and trust.

This video is a ‘myth-buster’ showing that manufacturing in China may not be cheaper in the long run. After a lot of research we produced a video showing both sides of the story featuring our client Minnitron who make circuit boards and their client RepRap who use them in 3D printers.
It’s an authentic case study rather than a sales pitch but reinforces an important message.

Adding a little Hollywood to Canterbury:

The goal was to create excitement and energy at the Business Awards Dinner. A video was shown for each category before the winner was announced, answering the questions ‘who are they?’ and ‘what do they do?’ The videos really created anticipation and a buzz at the event. The videos were also used before the event by all the finalists to promote their success and the event.

Wine on tap

This is part of a bigger project that we filmed at various European locations for a global packaging company, who make fully recyclable products. We developed video stories to move their focus away from product features to show instead how they benefit the end users. Our mission was to show how every glass of wine served is as good as the first.

West Kent Conference

Output for social media needs to be short, crisp and full of energy. This was a great reminder for attendees who came along and created lots of social media traffic. It is also a great teaser for the next event.

With possible funding cuts on the horizon,

Age UK Hythe & Lyminge wanted videos to encourage more people to use their services and also to recruit more volunteers. We took camera wary people and created sound bites that were authentic, believable and credible, to dispel the age myth and encourage younger visitors and also show the benefits of volunteering. 

This was part of a complex multi-agency project, where we filmed people from Proactive Care Brighton, NHS, AgeUK, Community Works and our client, Sollis. Although this was primarily about data management, we decided to focus on how this affected local residents, and in particular James. By meeting ‘the data’ we breathed life into a rather complex and dry subject. The video created one of the most memorable moments at an international data management conference.

Young Women’s Trust charity

We ran a Camera Confidence training session for the Young Women’s Trust charity. We created an environment where it was comfortable for the young women to share honest and open thoughts, and this video shows the results. After our training, these ambassadors for the charity were able to produce social media videos and took part in media interviews with confidence.

What’s happening in the car park?

This video got over 1000 Facebook views in the first 24 hours.
It’s the first of a series of site progress videos for Millbrook Garden Centre, to keep their loyal customers up to date with the building of their new restaurant. The format is based on a time lapse but with added information explaining what’s happening to their customers with no technical or construction knowledge.

Little Pep Juice Bar

This is a case study video for Canterbury City Council Business Development Unit, to show how they can help new businesses in the area. We spoke with Sherry about how she felt as she took the first steps to starting her own business and why she wanted to make that move. The idea was for the audience to think she is ‘just like me’ and realise that the council are there to help right from the start of a new venture.

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