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Pirate round table talk - radio with video…


BBC radio style 


A story of hope. The Deal Rotary pirates

( Formal name "The Rotary Club of The Three Castles of Deal).


This tells their story of how they have become one of the fastest growing clubs in the UK.  They are the only group to charter in their region in the last 11 years!


Find out what makes them different and original while staying true to the values of Rotary International. Could this be the future of Rotary?


The story is told by Julie Kemp - President, “Dandy” Dave Lister - Secretary and Garry Kemp - project coordinator. The table is interviewed  by Laurie Philp (keen member) 


Back story : 

The session was created as part of a media training session for the charter party PR launch by Laurie Philp (a club member)  who is a media coach for TV and Radio.


The style is informal, chatty and honest and most importantly fun. 


We all loved it so much we decided to share it.   


For more information Press or Rotary 

Contact Laurie

The Deal Dip - The Trailer
A chilling tale over 40 years

Public Release November 2022

Smugshot Video Productions, Laurie & Lesley Philp, decided to pay something back to the Deal community they have happily lived in for the last 26 years, by taking their professional skills and making a film about the Boxing Day Dip. 


Laurie & Lesley are both members of the Deal Rotary Pirates and wanted to do something to make a difference. Their fellow club members stepped up to help them  by arranging to host a premiere of the film on 25th March 2022 - the same weekend as the Oscars and not to be outdone there will be an awards ceremony on the evening. 


It will share the stories of local heroes who run down the beach and plunge to the chilly sea every Boxing Day to raise thousands of pounds for worthy causes in the area. 


It takes a certain type of person, after the comfort and treats of Christmas, to come out into the cold, wet weather and race into the sea with temperatures an average of just 9C. 


The film follows the story back to its founders, The Deal Breakers Club back in the days of CB radio. It’s a journey that twists and turns with tales of dedication and a little bit of madness along the way. Over the last few years “The Dip”  has been run and organised by the Rotary Club of Deal, this year with the help of the Deal Rotary Pirates.


Dandy Dave, a seasoned Rotarian and member of the pirates, said “ This is a great opportunity for us to share and show how Rotary can play a role  in our seaside community and bring people together”



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